Which Option is Best? Buy a Prebuilt PC or Build Your Own?

Gaming is fun. PCs have evolved so much in the last few years that the gaming industry has gone through a complete revolution. Real-life-looking characters,  locations, ultra-dense realistic visuals, and intense game play are some of the modern features that are alluring new users into the industry. Gaming fans are discovering something new each day. The size of the game due to intricate designs and resolutions has become so large that handling the processing has become quite difficult. Daily updates and AI-supported games are on the horizon and new technical hardware is in demand.

To enjoy this gaming world you need a world-class machine that can enable you to enjoy the fun the gaming in an immersive manner. But the dilemma one faces here is of choice. What to chose? Should one buy a prebuilt gaming PC or go for custom design and build one’s own based on your personalized requirement. Budget, urgency, and preference are some of the major factors that affect the overall choice. Also, which is reliable in the long run is a crucial question that one must ask because after investing so much money, changing the preference is quite a problematic thing.

The question is how do you decide between the two choices? Due to expanding market and technology being cheaper it has become quite easy to assemble the necessary parts and build your own but prebuilt PCs offer a much more holistic environment. To help you in choosing between the two we are going to discuss important aspects of both prebuilt gaming PC and custom assembled PC.

Prebuilt PC

Usually, when a customer pays for a prebuilt PC, he is giving more than just the parts. Warranty service, support, and trust in the brand are some of the major things that you are getting in return for your money. Also, the kind of service a brand provides is quite interesting and professional support always comes in handy in difficult times. Some things in prebuilt PC are valued highly as they can’t be offered in custom-designed PC.

Also, a brand or manufacturers offer features that a customer can’t purchase on their own. Some of the major things that can’t be purchased in custom-assembled PCs are-

  1. Warranty-safe overclocking
  2. Pre-installed software
  3. Exclusive components
  4. Companies like iBuypower provide unique Project Snowblind’s transparent LCD side panel
  5. NZXT provides a BLD program for utilizing smart data to guarantee game-specific performance

Another thing that makes a prebuilt PC a preferable choice is the design. Series like Alienware Aurora R7 and Corsair One provides distinguishingly designed in-house chassis that customers can’t build on their own. These designs are developed by engineers and built specifically to support the inside configuration meaning better allocation of space of all the components and hence enhancing the overall performance.

Cable management, resource allocation, and other things are not to be worried about by the user here. Since a company is taking care of everything, all the components are under one umbrella and cared for by every other thing. Due to the holistic approach, every single chip supports every other chip and each component is complementary to the strength of the other one.

The next thing is peace of mind. While indulging a lot of money in electronic items, one must be assured that the customer is investing his time and energy into something good and that they will get good service in return. Brands assure that peace of mind through their customer service and warranty clauses that are designed to cater to customer’s ease.


The very first advantage which one derives from building their own PC is that customers can choose every single component based on their requirements and preferences. Fine-tuning the overall build and customizing it to fit your exact budget and performance requirement are some of the major factors that can allure customers towards building their own PC. Also, since everything is handpicked by a customer, they can customize it completely.

Another thing is that since each component will be bought individually, customers can search around for particular parts in the market and get a very good deal as per price negotiation. A perfect combination of parts can be designed through thorough research and a little bit of thinking. Then negotiation allows one to save a lot of money. Refurbished components are getting a great deal of attention these days because they are feared a lot but mostly work exactly like new parts.

Building their own PC opens the door for customers to personalize a beautifully designed and performance-enhanced PC that can allow the customer to immerse himself or herself in the gaming world without any worry. There is also a factor of satisfaction that one derives from building their own PC because they have accumulated every part as per their need and they have perfectly combined the parts to deliver the thing they were looking for.

One doesn’t need to worry about compromising in case of building their own PC. A prebuilt PC usually has to compromise on one or two things because the perfect combo is not present in the market. This problem can be solved when you have the freedom and flexibility to go for the exact configuration a customer needs.


Both options have their cons and pros and it is up to the customer to go for the option which suits him/her best. Prebuilt PC allows a holistic approach towards gaming with greater customer support and trust about the hardware and performance while custom build PC allows one greater freedom and flexibility in choosing the perfect combination of parts. Prebuilt PC sometimes lacks the perfect combo and if there is they ask too much money while custom build PC allows one to find that under the limit of budget but there is no holistic support system there which makes them a little bit on the odd side. It all comes down to the things you want from your system. Budget, performance, and what you are looking for will affect the decision and you should look for the option that suits all your requirement.

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